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Friday, December 5, 2014

ヽ(•‿•)ノ jeng jeng jeng !! Lobang to share !!

Kurung modern designed by NanaPatricia

Jeng Jeng Jeng !!
i have a good lobang to share with you all!
the story begins with....
 I went to Popular that day after my event at Putrajaya ( I wore a kurung modern to an event!)
i've got a book voucher which value for RM50 from my brother. 
As usual, I went to magazine section and these magazine somehow attracted me!

There are FNB and Ladies edition, I choose the FNB edition at Rm29.90
but i will come back to you , Ladies Edition!
I saw Fblock from the ladies edition , a fashion store which i love to hang out a lot , 
i will come back to you, Ladies Edition 
after my experience with FNB!

Worthybook FNB edition

Well , spending Rm29.90 from my RM50 book voucher to buy another 
booklet which full with 180 vouchers ! 
I think is a good buy , dont you think so ? 
use my existing voucher to grow another voucher , wait , not another but another 180 vouchers !

Wow , you are such a smart consumer!!
This Worthybook is very handy in term of size, 
i grab it and put it inside my handbag 
and i bring to office today!

one thing i like about this WorthyBook is the "Content by Area"
Cool ! a lot of choices which nearby to my office area!
and my pick for today is 
BBQ Chicken (korean style)

I cant really take spicy foods , according to my colleague who enjoy spicy korean foods , 
BBQ Chicken's hot hot chicken taster better than 
KyoChan 1991   ^_*

Back to the booklet , there is a lot more famous FNB outlet , 
like Kim Gary , and FREE FREE FREE FREE i see... 

wow did i see it wrongly ? 50% discount on bear bear meal !! 
Oh no , bear bear is calling me to re-visit them again!!

myBugerlab also!
They are calling me to go back!
or maybe drop by their new store at Bandar Sunway!

Next , new cafe to visit !! 
well , one thing about this booklet is 
you get to know and to explore some new outlet! 
My colleagues strongly recommended me to visit these outlet below
and yes , i will post about them soon after my visit ! 

Colleagues recommended their Durian Milkshake!

I heard the atmosphere is fantastic here!
Last but not least , WorthyBook did a good job here by adding in
all the recommendation and the background of the FNB outlet!

Good job and i find it useful too!

Stay tune, and i will update more of my FNB experience with this 
WORTHY BOOK - FNB edition!

Visit here for more info

Go grab one from popular, MPH, Kinokuniya, Borders and etc 
for daily great savings!

I counted before from this booklet i got, let's take the 35% off food voucher (Cultura Bakery) on total bill
By spending about Rm100 and I get Rm35 off from the total bill 
(normally if you hang out with four of your girlfriends , the bill can easily go up to RM100 rite? 
but with this voucher , you save RM35! and this amount of spending has already offset with your purchase price - Rm29.90!)


Updated 6 Dec 2014

hohoho, i didn't expect myself to use this WorthyBook that soon!
Yup , i used the voucher today again straight after my gym!

It was a tiring session today and i get hungry fast straight after my body combat class!

i took out my mini booklet - WorthyBook from my handbag
 Mr, Siew Bao is my pick for today!

This Mr. Siew Bao is certified halal!

Siew Bao is a chinese pastry , very crispy pastry with fillings in it ..
So ....  i think i will soon get my Rm29.90 refunded back 
it's really a worth buying vouchers booklet!!
and this kind of concept (vouchers booklet) is rather popular at overseas 
for cost savings purposes!

Alright, till here and good night!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My DIY project 03 - Flower Basket for Flower Girl

My 3rd DIY project would be a flower basket for my lovely niece!
The needed materials
Basket , Lacey Cloth , Artificial Flowers (i got it from Flowers Bouquet so it's free)

And the final product!

A photo posted by Nana Patricia (@lovefangqi) on

Happy DIY!  :)

My wedding Ring box

My Wedding Ang Bao Box 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

DressyPat19 : Bikini from taobao ! It's time to show your ABS !!

I got this bikini from tao bao , love the design so so much !
Isn't my bikini is very lovely ?! Tee Hee

A photo posted by Nana Patricia (@lovefangqi) on

Refer to the link below for more details on 

Also , enjoy my below's video edit by MeiPai !! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

My DIY project02 - ang bao / gifts / cards box

Never know wedding can be so fun when you yourself involve in the DIY projects
yes, there is this DIY project for me, 
i need to do my ang bao box ! 
Before my hands-on , i mean start moving , i went to 

looking for inspiration and ideas! 
aha , here is what i found!

After getting the ideas, i started to hands-on, 
well , here is the material for my honeymoon fund , is actually a very simple project which everyone can do ! 


my almost done product!

and ... 

the final product!
Honeymoon Fund Box

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

♥我的美丽婚纱。。。曼哈頓麗緻婚禮 (Manhattan Bridal House) 开始♥




化妆师,摄影师, 灯光师

我们其实很想拿 no edit 的 photo 的


Monday, August 11, 2014

My DIY project 01 - Wedding Ring Box

I actually very enjoy the DIY projects for my wedding. 
Ta da !
After very much survey on Pinterest  

This is what i got and which attracted to me so much !! 

So i decided to do some hands-on ... 
i need to go find a box .. where i got this box and the plywood?
i got it from Art Friend - Curve 

and ta da !

After i put on my alphabet characters wording ... (which i got from Popular Bookstores)
and I kinda find it a bit boring ? 
Do u think so ?

So i did some magic here with red cloths and GOLD ribbon !
Box with ring pillow !

The top view (front) !

Hope this is useful info to you and i love my arts work so much! 
My own designed wedding ring box!

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