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Friday, April 3, 2015

Your new coffee experience with Fahrenheit 600!

It's rare to have occasion like this after work in my current company.
 It was wonderful to get everyone together, having dinner, chilling around after work! 
We are lucky as we get the chance to have a coffee cupping session with the handsome Barista.

Handsome said: Halo

He shared a lot with us. Now then I knew how to appreciate coffee!
Yes, coffee is precious like grapevine, we should learn to appreciate it.
 I learnt that a good coffee doesn't need fancy stuff like 3D arts, sugar, cream, all you need is to taste the origins of coffee ...
feel the aroma of the coffee , and a sip of the coffee...
feel it
and let's see what happen next!
It won't be too strong but definitely is an intense sensation!
Coffee bean : 22 Martin
Coffee bean: Lucky Basterd
Fahrenheit 600 offer good quality of coffee beans, well, as a customer you have the right to choose the coffee bean you want! And custom make it to suit your taste buds, be it espresso, latte, or cappuccino!
Btw, coffee has a coffee season too as well,
just like Musang King is not available throughout the year for you! (i dont like durian)
Fahrenheit600 offering various type of coffee bean for customer to choose based on the season of the origins!

Friday, March 27, 2015

KISSBURGER prefer you to Kiss the burger before you eat it! (pork free restaurant)

Good news!
Finally I found the Malaysia's way of MOS burger! Kiss the burger, KISSBURGER!
The store is located at Desa Park City! 
Hurray I've been going to Desa Park in a weekly basis for our cell group meeting,
and I'm so excited because I get the chance to  Kiss burger every Friday if I want to!

While I was working in  Singapore few years back, i always like to go to MOS burger, i love the rice burger and veggie burger especially!
Fyi, MOS burger can not be found in Malaysia!!!
How could that be!!!
refer to their website...
i see taiwan, japan, hong kong, just NO MALAYSIA!! 
sob sob
But never mind!
i've got KISSBURGER now!!

Aha, first  thing first,let's kiss the burger first,it's branding is cute!
No kiss no eat huh!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nuffnang 8th Birthday Party!

It was a hectic Thursday for me, 
many meetings to attend that day, 
be honest , was a little bit unhappy that day as well..
during my busy schedule , i managed to check my personal email in the afternoon before i off from work
i got email from Nuffnang and they are inviting me to Nuffnang8irthday party!

i have to admit , I was real excited , wondering how the event will looks like, I never participate in any of their event before, questions like will I get bored since I don't know anyone there.... Dot dot dot many dots yet decided to click "confirm" button for my attendance.

If you wonder , how i got selected..
this is my sharing and caption! 

Cool huh?! i feel so, no?

Okay, so here comes the day, 
the birthday party which held at Zouk Club KL !

Lets party!
A selfie before my fren, lee wan came and pick me up, 
yeah , for environmental friendly purposes and we opt. for a car pool!
I trying and hoping that I met the theme perfectly by wearing Audrey Hepburn inspired looks! Hmm, yup, pearl and classy black! Not to forget a sun glasses too as well!

We arrived rather early, but, the positive way of it is that we get to play around with the photobooth without the queuing process !
and the ushers was friendly and helpful as well, 
always come and check on us, advise us what to do, where to go!

or click on the link below for

Happily receive our goodies bag!

and another advantages was, meeting the co-founder and #fightertiah!

Photobooth was sponsored by Fotobox

the printing is fast and it allow u to upload to your Facebook directly from the machine! 
Cool! arh, that's what we call the "technology"!

Not to forget , my lucky pass to this special yearly event! 

And then the party start with the speech from TimothyTiah

here is the special moment when everyone get ready with the camera! 
Look at the crowd! camera set! yes , we all are part of the "social media" / "social influencer"
this is the must "catch" moment!

 this is what i got from my phone!

I didnt take a lot of photos during the event, 
since i forgot to bring a proper camera, 
alright , my bad ..
however the foods was nice , 
the desserts from Foretblanc is simply delicious !

The alcoholic (56degrees whisky) tiramisu! fantastic! 

Another not to forget, MILKCOW ice cream!! 
i love their honeycomb very very de much ! 
i really love the efforts from the team of Milkcow
They are fantastic!

look at the variety of the toppings!

Well , the party is not just all about foods and drinks! 
Personally i love the ideas from Nuffnang team as well!
there is some games stations at the back, segregate to 3 stations which represent each department in Nuffnang!
it's a great way for people like me to further understand what exactly Nuffnang is doing !!
hey , seriously , i dont know and never really think about it before also!

The first station that i went was - Sales dept.
i pick up three cards from that three "bowl" (hat i supposed)
Here is what i pick : RentADressKL , Dayre , Revelinme
How to play?
RADKL was my client, Dayre would be my social media platform, Revelinme is then my "product"
I need to persuade my client (RADKL) to pick our talent blogger , 
and talent blogger will help to promote my client through social media, Dayre
I told the Nuffnang staff that i would advice RADKL to use our talent blogger,
1. each of our talent bloggers having certain huge group of followers, it is the world of social influencer now
2. some of them are fashion bloggers with great fashion sense, which inspired many followers who follow our talent bloggers daily!
3. RADKL can give our talent bloggers some special discount or promo code to attract more buyers (followers)

Next station, Talent & Comm!
what to do?
pick up another two more models for your client!
my pick was Bobo Stephanie & Hanis!
this is Malaysia, for a good fashion brand , you need to cater for all ladies in Malaysia!
my last task in this station was , create a shout-out in my twitter, 
and ...

The last station - AD Ops
Cool department and helpful staff who actually help me to further understand 
how blogger able to generate income from blogging!
I did some re-arrangement on my blog after the explanation from the Nuffnang staff!
what i need to do here is , how am i going to promote my client in Social Media - Instagram!
Since im not wearing any dress from Rent A Dress KL , i decided to go and catch someone who is in their dress and snap a photo of her and ...
jeng...jeng... jeng...

after all these , i get a free gifts from Nuffnang team as a token of reward for my participation in this "game"

Conclusion , i enjoyed myself very much from this event, 
i managed to get a photo with Bobo Stephanie which was very excited thing to me!

A photo with the cake!

And lots of goodies from the goodies bag!
Love it!

Last but not least , the conclusion of the day!

I deserve a pampering session with Crabtree & Evelyn because i'm a combination of pear and pink!
Pink lady in pear body shape! 
Agree?  Teehee! Cheese!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DressyPat20 : CLOSETmino

closet need me....
me ... me ... no... no... me... me... noooooooooo.........
i need new clothes!
Again , introduce by my lovely colleagues to this Lovely Seller 

Had my first purchase ! 
and it turns out ... 

wow ...

Their lovely packaging !

My showcases...

A photo posted by Nana Patricia (@lovefangqi) on

Will come back more often !

It is cheap and good material ! 

Support Support !

Friday, February 6, 2015

L.O.V.E Guru: Grab his heart is just a piece of cake !!!!

It's the season of Valentines !!!
So what is 14 Feb ?!
For those who are in love..
It is Valentine's day!

For those who have broken up...
It is Independence day! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

For those who are in Single... 

Source from internet

Alright , after the good laugh , let's back to the topic

Grab his heart is just a piece of cake!!

 yop ! gal out there , Guru Patty going to teach you how to grab his heart with a piece of cake !
As a beginner, lets start from something easy!
Guru Patty with her gastronomy tasting!
First thing first , you need a cake mould..
Guru would like to advise you , get a smaller cake mould if it is your first time..
Reason because i don't like to waste foods , and i dont pay 100% trust on the recipe i got online (yup, don't trust my recipe 100% since i got it online as well)
Baking is an individual assignment.  ^_^

Thursday, January 22, 2015

♥ ✽ ♥ My Wedding - 22 Nov 2014 ♥ ✽ ♥ ヽ(•‿•)ノ

Yop, i'm officially a wife to my husband on this day, 
22 Nov 2014! 

My wedding was a simple Christian Wedding Ceremony., followed by a Chinese luncheon
I do not have "ji mui" gang , no pick up bride , no gate crashing games etc during my wedding,
a very our own style wedding.

My "Cinderella Shoes" ; photo credit to my bro
My Wedding preparation and the reception table set-up
I enjoyed doing artworks a lot , therefore , i decided to "decorate" my own reception table.All the items you see on the reception table are either handmade by me or purchase from taobao... but of course with the help from those who actually putting my ideas on to the desk and make it realistic !

The ang bao box (click here for the making process) which was done by me !

And the ...
我的每一件都很漂亮的wedding gowns which was provided by Manhattan Bridal House 

the transforming process 

My lovely niece as my flower girl ... with my special handmade flower basket (click to refer) for her  ^_^
and my hubby's cousin as our ring bearer to carry our wedding band which was placed inside the handmade ring box (click to refer)

then my sister as my bridesmaid , she is lovely and i love her a lot .

Lastly, my father walk me down the aisle , hand me to this important man in my life

Special thanks to Susan and Jamaline for such a lovely 
Bridal March-in - Canon in D

Wedding Ceremony
Few months before the wedding , i started to prepare some slides show to be projected on the screen during the holy matrimony... 
 and not to forget, the buletin! 
i've got help from my lovely cousin who is also a designer by profession- Patrick Low 


 Wedding Slides for the Holy Matrimony
 (do msg me if you would like me to share you my wedding slides)

wow , it looks fantastic on the screen! So grand huh! no ?!

Wedding Luncheon
It was a wonderful wedding which was made possible with the helps from many people. 
The event started with a Childhood Montage which was done by TingWeiProductions  , a close friend of my sister who actually offered his help for my wedding ! Appreciated and thank you very much for your nicely done video! The video was end with our couples photo which we took yearly on 22 May at the "Photo Sticker Machine" . The ending part was special request to Ting Wei (you may contact TingWei for quotation) to edit like a flash back for our journey together since 2005 till 2014, and then the highlights, our show time !! During our Wedding March-in, Dreams Come True was played as background music while the both of us walk in together to the ballroom , hmm , check out at the video below!

Our wedding March-in~

Yeah , photo below was my 2nd Dress during the luncheon , very sexy red dress , love this red dress very much.. 

While we were waiting for our second March-in , a lovely wedding animation was played in the ballroom , this creative wedding animation was hand-drew by my lovely cousin- Patrick Low based on our Love sToRy~
Click to view the wedding animation done by my cousin, Patrick (HD)  -
you may contact Patrick for quotation 

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