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Thursday, July 30, 2015

DressyPat21 : Mix N Match Baju Raya !

Click here >>> My Traditional Clothing COLLECTIONS! 

Yeah , it's Raya season again! 
As usual , i will tempah baju raya (custom made traditional clothing)
BUT ...
i didn't tempah or design my own baju raya this year..
maybe ... 
to save cost? 
yeah , it is , to save cost! LoL

Anyway , i still did a good job in my mix n match baju raya 2015!

Doubt me ?
Ta da ..

Top from Blossom Box Store 
Bottom from a clothing shop in Bandung. 
we called it KAIN DUYUNG (mermaid skirt)

I was pretty good in my 
Mix N Match..
Right ?

Monday, June 8, 2015

My winter in New Plymouth...

2015 年是新西兰年
这是今年的第二个 working trip 
new plymouth这个小镇也已经被我熟透了


Monday, April 13, 2015

Mt Taranaki said Halo to the Winter !



好美 好壮观
A photo posted by Nana Patricia (@_nanapatricia_) on



Friday, April 3, 2015

Your new coffee experience with Fahrenheit 600!

It's rare to have occasion like this after work at my current company.
 It was wonderful to get everyone together, having dinner, chilling around after work!
you know , sometimes , we need to have some bonding time..
yeah ... bonding time prior to any kind of possible "engagement" in the office!
Okay , i guess we are lucky , the two ladies here get the chance to have a coffee cupping session with the handsome Barista!

Handsome said: Halo!

He shared a lot with us. Now then I knew how to appreciate, a coffee!
Yes, coffee is precious like grapevine, we should learn to appreciate it.
 I learnt that a good coffee doesn't need fancy stuff like 3D arts, sugar, cream, all you need is to taste the origins of coffee ...
feel the aroma of the coffee , and a sip of the coffee...
feel it
and let's see what happen next!
It won't be too strong but definitely is an intense sensation!
Coffee bean : 22 Martin
Coffee bean: Lucky Basterd
Fahrenheit 600 offer good quality of coffee beans, well, as a customer you have the right to choose the coffee bean you want! And custom make it to suit your taste buds, be it espresso, latte, or cappuccino!
Btw, coffee has a coffee season too as well,
just like Musang King is not available throughout the year for you! (i dont like durian)
Fahrenheit600 offering various type of coffee bean for customer to choose based on the season of the origins!

Friday, March 27, 2015

KISSBURGER prefer you to Kiss the burger before you eat it! (pork free restaurant)

Good news!
Finally I found the Malaysia's way of MOS burger! Kiss the burger, KISSBURGER!
The store is located at Desa Park City! 
Hurray I've been going to Desa Park in a weekly basis for our cell group meeting,
and I'm so excited because I get the chance to  Kiss burger every Friday if I want to!

While I was working in  Singapore few years back, i always like to go to MOS burger, i love the rice burger and veggie burger especially!
Fyi, MOS burger can not be found in Malaysia!!!
How could that be!!!
refer to their website...
i see taiwan, japan, hong kong, just NO MALAYSIA!! 
sob sob
But never mind!
i've got KISSBURGER now!!

Aha, first  thing first,let's kiss the burger first,it's branding is cute!
No kiss no eat huh!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nuffnang 8th Birthday Party!

It was a hectic Thursday for me, 
many meetings to attend that day, 
be honest , was a little bit unhappy that day as well..
during my busy schedule , i managed to check my personal email in the afternoon before i off from work
i got email from Nuffnang and they are inviting me to Nuffnang8irthday party!

i have to admit , I was real excited , wondering how the event will looks like, I never participate in any of their event before, questions like will I get bored since I don't know anyone there.... Dot dot dot many dots yet decided to click "confirm" button for my attendance.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DressyPat20 : CLOSETmino

closet need me....
me ... me ... no... no... me... me... noooooooooo.........
i need new clothes!
Again , introduce by my lovely colleagues to this Lovely Seller 

Had my first purchase ! 
and it turns out ... 

wow ...

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