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Monday, September 19, 2016

My pick of FOODs in Korea !!

This post here is purely based on my personal preference, of course the foods in Korea has more variety than what i've been introduced here!
Here are my TOP 5 Food Choices in Korea!

 Dakgalbi - Yoogane Dalgalbi Sasang Branch (since 1981)  

  • Address: Sasang Station , Exit 5, walk approx. 2min.
  • Landmark: Starbucks Coffee /Lotteria
  • Specialty: cheap and delicious Dakgalbi!
  • Cost: KRW 15,000 (Rm60) for two

If Busan wasn't in your plan , you can have this Dakgalbi in Myeongdong , Seoul !! a must try ! in chinese , we called 老字号!!a lot of local will come to this restaurant also.

Where to stay in Seoul & Busan?

If you've been following me for some time, you should know that 
i'm someone who always go for best deal when it come to vacation!
Visit here to find out where this photo was taken

So for my Korea trip , I choose D7 Residence Suites as my accommodation at Seoul and Louis Hotel at Busan! I will tell you why for both of my choices in this post. 

Accommodation in Seoul : D7 Residence Suites 

1. very near to the subway station - Dongmyo (200m distance from the hotel) 
2. accessible by airport bus no.6002 from Incheon Airport
3. walking distance to Doota Mall, Doota Duty Free, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) 
4. pleasant evening walk at Cheonggyecheon Stream to Dongdaemun (15min walking distance)
5. FREE portable wifi with refundable KRW 100,000 deposit !! 
6. Korean BBQ by the local which is just next to the hotel 
7. Friendly and helpful Mandarin / English speaking staff !
8. Visit this post here for more info on DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza)
DDP  where great foods , great people , great surrounding meet !

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

How to go to Nami Island from Seoul by using ITX?

In this post, i'm going to share about my experience going to Nami Island 
from Seoul!

We purchased our 2-days flexible pass from Let's Korail - link
Why we choose 2-days flexible pass?
Flexible pass means you can choose two dates from your travelling period. 
KR pass is accessible for KTX, ITX  but not for normal subway. 
Well, you can take subway to Nami Island if you want to, the cons would be 
it take longer time to arrive at Gapyeong station.
(Min 3 hrs including transit and waiting period)
So we option for ITX, which is a quicker way to Gapyeong station 
(took about 40min from Cheongnyangni station)

How to redeem KR Pass?
  1. After purchase your KR Pass online , you need to print out the document , bring your passport , credit card which you used for the KR pass purchase to certain station such as Incheon Airport or Seoul station etc to redeem for your train ticket. 

2. Upon arrive at Incheon Airport, i went straight to the counter and redeem my train ticket. Follow the signboard to KTX and look for this counter, it is very near to Burger King. The friendly staff in Hanbok able to speak fluent English and they will assist you to verify your document, you need to provide your travel date to them at this point of time. I've selected the morning slot, around 9:15am from Cheongnyangni station, my hotel just two stations away from Cheongnyangni station. (i would advise you to take an even earlier ITX)
Note : don't forget to select your return ITX from Nami Island. I missed this step and i could not secure myself with return ticket from Gapyeong station on my visitation date to Nami Island. The earliest available slot for me is 9:20pm from Gapyeong station! 

How to go Nami Island from Cheongnyangmi Station?
1. Cheongnyangni station (ITX station) and Cheongnyangni station (subway station) are two different station , you need walk for about 100m after exit from the metro station, please follow the signboard and you will see this station right beside Lotte Department Store. 

2.  Arrive at Cheongnyangni station, go to information counter, friendly staff will assist you and inform you on your platform number. 
Note: There is a special entrance for those who having KR Pass. 
Inside the Cheongnyangni station

Must know travel tips before you go to Korea!

1 . Research from internet / bloggers 

You should do a lot of research online.

  •  Internet :  Visit Korea Tourism Website


  •  Bloggers :  few of the bloggers compilation i did before hand

  • * KampungboyCitygal 

  • Link  (english)

  • * Pretty Lady - ChloeWL 

  • Link  (english)

    • Sunshine Lady - Janey

    •  Link  (english)

      • SuperBeauty - 

        • NanaPatricia
      • Link  (bilingual)  

2 . KTO Malaysia

If you are a Malaysian like me ...
you are really lucky !!
know why ? 
Remember to check out KTO Malaysia at 
Menara Hap Seng , KL
to grab some freebies / vouchers before your Korea 
Free & Easy trip !
no joke ! 
up to 30% discount for Lotte World admission fee 
and many more!!
Please ... i beg you ..
find out the details from list below

3 . Transportation 

You should do a lot of research online. 

like from airport to hotel , 

took a subway (MRT / LRT)

 is more convenience to you 

or a bus ...

As we have to consider the condition
 at subway station, whether is it .. 
"luggage friendly?" 
Yup , to check if there is 
escalator/ lift at the metro station 
which you heading to... 
Do i need to walk a lot ? 
Hey , carry a heavy luggage and 
walk for a long distance, 
no joke !
giving you some ideas on the staircase...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

♥ Korea Day 6(Thanksgiving Day 2016): Gyeongbokgung + Bukchon Village ♥

今天是中秋节 (Chuseok 韩国感恩节)



Wednesday, September 14, 2016

♥ Korea Day 5: Lotte World + Doota Duty Free(太阳的后裔)♥


Lotte World , I'm coming!

I didn't bring my Samsung NX mini with me ,  a lot of photos are taken by Samsung S6. 
well, i'm all set ready for 
Thrilling and Adventurous rides!
Do you think i'm BOLD enough to do all these thrill?

follow me ! and .. you shall find out the answer soon!
This themepark start it's operation at 9:30 am till late night , 11pm!
Well, if you plan to stay back late, i will advise you to book your rides slot before 7pm. 
This is because all the rides is available for reservation slots only once the clock clicking at 7pm. 
I didn't do my homework well , so i missed my chance to finish up my 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

♥ Korea Day 4: Nami Island ♥

Gapyeong - Nami Island!

虽然之前,读了很多blogger 的post


或许,9月不是去Nami Island的季节

但是如果你来了。。就肯定不要错过这个 Zip Wire!!
click the video to view!


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