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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

♥ Magical Day in Hong Kong Disneyland ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

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how shall i started?

we took the Disney rail to Fantasy Station.
from there , we heading towards Toy Story Land

  tips: all the toilet inside Disneyland is very clean and every station will provide filter water for you to take water! yeah , it is hot and you gonna run for WHOLE DAY! So, make sure you stay hydrate!

this photo explained how "excited" i was before i took the RC Racer!!
we took RC Racer & Parachute Drop.. 
Okay , thrilling and you should not be missed!

After ToyStoryLand, we walked to Grizzly Gulch, had my Mountain Runaway Ride here!
it's fun and thrill!
nice view too!

Next , the new spot which i like the most!

click to play the video
please click to play , it is really fantastic !
my newest Favourite Ride in Disneyland!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

♥ Magical Breakfast prepared by Chef Mickey! ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

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it's gonna be a long day inside Disneyland today!
So , first thing first , let's filled up our stomach first!
(Fyi, hotel room does not include breakfast)
After getting our passes to Disneyland, we took the hotel shuttle bus to 
Hollywood Hotel

the souvenirs store
The interior design of Hollywood Hotel gave me a feeling of
"modern" &  "futuristic" 
if compare to Disneyland Hotel which appear to be 
"Victoria" &  "Classy"
Anyway , my target is Chef Mickey Cafe!
 i ran fast to my target!
and i saw Chef Mickey standing at front of the cafe to welcome all his guests!

of course , we are one his guest of honor!

♥ Magical Accommodation at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

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Firstly , i must emphasize that staying in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
was really my most magical hotel stay so far by now!
Collected my free Theme Park passes...

you may refer here for my
♥ Magical Day in Hong Kong Disneyland 

Ok back to the topic..
let's start from the entrance
and the Grand Lobby
Victorian Style

the beautiful Chandelier 

and the huge maze outside the hotel!

can you spotted me from this photo?

the view from my room, facing the garden!
fantastic view!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

♥ Magical Hong Kong free & easy ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

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This post here is not a sponsored post
we planed and arranged everything by ourselves!
it's a free & easy trip for me and husband!

We used this map while we travel around Hong Kong , it does not required wi-fi nor internet plan, 
it works offline!
cool huh~
We spent about 1 and half days at Hong Kong island and also part of the Kowloon.
Let's get started with foods!

All about Foods
one thing i love about Hong Kong foods mainly was because of its delicacy. It's really fine and delicious.
Dim Sum , we went to two Dim Sum places at Hong Kong. Dim Dim Dim Sum was read from reviews , whereas Tim Ho Wan was recommended by here.

Dim Dim Dim Sum 点点心专门店

we went to the Dim Dim Dim Sum at Mongkok, took the MTR and exit at MongKok station , exit D2, after come out from the Exit D2, Broadway Building (百老汇)should be on your left, walked straight till the first junction and turn left , Dim Dim Dim Sum is just around the corner! Look out (should be on your right)

Must try list: Liu Sha Bao , Beef Ball , Mushroom Bun (personal preference)
HKD$ 22

HKD$ 18
this mushroom bun is very special , it's not only has a mushroom shape,
but bun taste was exactly same like mushroom!

HKD$ 18
HKD$ 25
HKD$ 20

Saturday, August 22, 2015

♥ Cathay Pacific Flying Experience ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

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Hi ... from the Cathay Pacific KLIA counter


click to play the video

woohooo.... onboard CX720 - Boeing 747-400
cool , you can charge your devices inside the plane!

I must admit that Cathay Pacific has very wide range of in flight entertainment if compare to 
So what am i going to watch during this 4 hrs flight ?
ta-da.. Cinderella

Fyi , Cathay Pacific was ranking no.1 back in 2014~!

TGV Cinderella Watch & Win - My magical trip from TGV Malaysia!

It's truly the biggest prize so far in my life!
It was a busy day in NZ (was on a working trip in NZ)
while checking on my personal email occasionally (have a rest & have a Whittaker's choco)
i saw one email from TGV mentioned that i won the Grand Prize!
I was like is this a prank?!
arh, i should check out from their official website!
And i cant believe my own eyes!
It's true!!
Oh my goodness!
tears of joy...
in short, truly happy and felt myself 
Feels so CIN-DER-ELLA out of sudden!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Yummi-li-cious home made Patties ! (Thermomix recipe)

bargar ..         ?   ?
       ba.... ga ....?
                                                    ba ... ba ... ba .... bar ger  ??
It's Burger!

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